High-Risk Industries

Does your industry require AML compliance?

Many industries including banking, real estate, law firms, and insurance companies now require to be compliant with AML/CTF regulations. Let us help you get started!

Industries subject to AML & CTF compliance

Clear View KYC  is trusted by over 300 Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and financial organizations in 30 countries around the globe. Our backend cloud offers an easy API for integration with your enterprise applications. All communication is secure.

The top 3 Value Propositions

  1. Penalties for non-compliance
    AML audit deficiencies can be very costly. Not having proper record-keeping software can prove to be a common problem amongst Money Service Businesses or any type of high-risk business. Penalties for non-compliance can range from $50 to $500,000.  
  2. Higher Efficiency in your operation
    A systematic backend monitoring system will make your operation workflow more efficient by allowing your organization to serve more customers in less time. We have one of the most affordable AML compliance cloud providers in the market. Extended due diligence for your customers has never been so easy and so affordable. 
  3. The Risk of losing your bank account
    Unless you are a bank yourself, you are at a very high risk of losing your bank account. Another risk of not having proper automated systems in place, is the risk of losing your bank accounts. You must have an automatic screening and monitoring AML compliance program in place that can impress your bank. Losing your banking relationship can be one of your costliest risks in your business. 

 If you need a specific API for your enterprise application, we will collaborate with your developers to make it happen on time and on budget.


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