Robust Cloud Infrastructure

hosted on Microsoft Azure

Server Farm in a room

Designed to scale

The backend server has been designed to be scalable. Our servers take full advantage of latest Azure cloud, Azure SQL, and blob Objects which are highly optimized when the demand grows.

Cloud Server Switches

Failover Server

If disaster strikes and the main server goes down, the failover server will take over. This transition is completely transparent to the client-side application. All data is replicated on the failover server on a daily basis.

Worldmap with connections


The server is replicated across different geographic locations to ensure that all data are kept secure and services remain available during catastrophic events pertaining to one geographic location.

Icon of a lock depicting security

Secure 4096 bit SSL

All communication to and from the server are encrypted using 4096 SSL keys. We use Azure Security layers to ensure that your data is securely transferred and stored in the database.

Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud 

Our enterprise solution for watchlist management, sanctions and PEP screening enables your financial applications to comply with AML & CTF regulations, using our single endpoint enterprise level Backend-as-a- Service (BaaS). 

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