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Yes your banking platform is already AML compliant!

So how can we help your bank?

when your banking platform
is already AML & CTF compliant...

Almost every banking platform has comprehensive AML compliance modules already in place. However, these are some reasons why you might want to consider our cloud service. 
  1. Simple Integration
    With our modern API, your developer team can quickly integrate your banking system (or legacy systems) to our backend web-services. JSON/REST API, SOAP/XML API. Our team of developers will work with your team to make sure that integration is secure
  2. Flexible backend with a Customizable API
    Clear View KYC backend cloud is very flexible. If your developer team or IT require a special interface for integration, we can customize our API to comply with your requirements.  
  3. Dynamic backend
    Clear View KYC gets updated on a daily basis to make sure all watchlists and services are kept current. We keep adding more services to our cloud everyday allowing more modular integration. 
  4. Our backend cloud is cost-effective
    We have one of the most affordable AML compliance cloud providers in the market. Extended due diligence for your customers has never been so easy and cost-effective. 

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