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The Real Estate Industry

KYC Compliance Solution for Realtors

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Back-end Cloud for Customer KYC 

Our enterprise solution for watchlist management, sanctions and PEP screening enables you to comply with AML & CTF regulations. The real estate industry has been identified as a high-risk sector by the Financial Task Force (FATF).  You can mitigate your risk by taking advantage of the most advanced AML & CTF tools in the market. 

Stay on top of compliance!

Let us help you mitigate your AML risks

The real estate industry is inherently high-risk. In a 2016 Compliance audit FINTRAC found 'very significant' deficiencies. 
  1. Stay on top of compliance
    As a realtor, you must make sure that you go above and beyond all AML & CTF regulations, not only to comply to local regulations, but also to satisfy your banks. You need to implement the latest technology to achieve this. 
  2. Choose your software system wisely 
    If you haven't already done so, make sure that you pick the a software solution that can make your operation effective, efficient, and compliant. 
  3. Integrate your CRM system with our bankend cloud
    Our team can quickly integrate your CRM system with our backend web-services.  Our team of developers will work with your team to make sure that integration is secure, fast, and cost effective. Clear View KYC backend cloud is very flexible.
  4. Flexible API
    If your developer team or IT require a special interface for integration, we can customize our API to comply with your requirements.  Clear View KYC gets updated on a daily basis to make sure all watchlists and services are kept current. We keep adding more services to our cloud everyday allowing more modular integration. 
  5. Implement a comprehensive compliance regime
    The purpose of implementing AML and CTF measures is to protect the financial system from abuse. You should put much effort in developing and implementing a comprehensive compliance regiment for your business. A well-written compliance manual is extremely important for your bank, auditors, and your country's AML authority. 

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